Why Warriors Listed as NBA's Second-most Loyal Fan Base Behind Lakers

If you guessed Warriors fans are the most loyal and engaged NBA fanbase ... you'd be wrong. 

A recent study found the Los Angeles Lakers hold the No. 1 spot when taking fan equity, road equity and social equity into account. But the Warriors were right behind them in the No. 2 slot.

Fan equity, as the study indicated, represents home revenue. Road equity was measured by the attendance drawn from visiting teams and the social equity was determined based on Twitter reaches. 

Michael Lewis, the director of Emory University's marketing analytics center, made some notes about the Warriors in his report that was published in mid-October.

"The Warriors are a great example of how powerful brands are created. Golden State was long a second-tier team. Now, after years of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant winning championships, the Warriors have become a premier brand with a national following of engaged fans. The lesson is that it is not enough to win once. Like the Bulls, brands are built through repeated championships."

His conclusion was a rather simple one: In order to move up in the rankings, one must win consistent championships. He also admitted social media could create a gray area. 

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There's always next year ... 

You can see the entire report and the official list here

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