Wilson's 4-Seam Fastball Makes Knees Buckle

Even though his level of "ape-smell zaniness" has dropped a little in 2010, we've had some fun with Brian Wilson this year.

He came into tie games both Friday and Saturday night and shut the side. (In both case the Giants won in the bottom of the 9th).

Back to Wilson: My favorite moment up to now? Watching his 2-seam fastball, in GIF form, break inside on Andre Ethier in an "almost inappropriate manner."

Well, GOOD NEWS! We've got another GIF, also courtesy of Grant Brisbee at McCovey Chronciles. This one isn't as high-quality in GIF nature, but the pitch itself might be more ridiculous and is just as watchable as the last one.

It appears, based on the Pitchf/x Database at TexasLeaguers.com (via a commenter at McC), that the pitch is a four-seam fastball.

It also appears that the pitch breaks a foot south and a foot inside. Don't believe me? Well, you could ask Josh Thole, the man above who would've only looked more foolish by ducking, or you can check the graph:

In the event that you're not well versed in Pitchf/x, allow me to translate into layman's terms: "Sick."

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