Winning Isn't Enough for the Giants

The Giants extended their lead in the west another game on Wednesday night by handling the Diamondbacks a 5-2 loss.

Madison Bumgarner finally got a notch in the win column at the end of a quality start, the bullpen continued its astounding performance with three scoreless innings and they even got a big hit from Eli Whiteside to create a pair of ninth inning insurance runs. For most teams, that's more than enough to make it a successful evening. For teams dealing with all the Giants have been dealing with of late, it is almost an embarrassment of riches.

The Giants are wearing their greedy hats, however. Winning games and creating distance between them and the rest of the NL West is nice, but it isn't nice enough to satisfy some of their baser urges. They also need to revel in the miseries of others to feel complete.

Andrew Baggarly of the Mercury News included a note about the Giants taking notice of the fact that the Marlins are in freefall after the slide heard round the world claimed Buster Posey's leg. They've lost 14 of 15 games in June, their manager's head is on the chopping block and their shot at making a run for either the division or Wild Card is on life support. What's their response to the misfortune in Miami?

"And the unofficial, off-the-record sentiment in Giants land? Hey, karma’s a bitch."

We get it, you didn't like the way Scott Cousins ran into Buster and broke his leg. We all hated to see it happen, baseball lost one of its bright young lights and it is going to make the rest of the season that much tougher for the Giants. But you know what? Get over it already.

Posey broke his leg. Based on the last medical reports we've seen, that means he's still alive and able to enjoy a fairly decent quality of life. These things happen all the time in the course of baseball seasons, but it is hard to remember any team ever making a bigger deal over an injury than the Giants have made over this one.

Pardon the pun, but you've got far bigger fish to fry than the Marlins this season. You're in first place, you've still got a team that can make a run into October and continually crying over spilled milk isn't going to make things any easier. The point's been made, anything further just comes across as being entitled brats who can't handle it when things don't go their way.

You can't accuse Brian Sabean of failing to put his stamp on this team. You just wish he found another way to do it.

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