Woman Identifies Bryan Stow's Attacker

Woman says she saw one of the two defendants kicking the Giants' fan in the head.

A woman who said she saw the attack that almost took Giants' fan Bryan Stow's life identified one of the two men accused of the assault as the attacker.

Mary Dolores Donley became the first witness during a five-day court hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court to testify that she saw defendant Louie Sanchez kicking Stow in the head after the Giants' fan fell to the floor and hit his head on the pavement, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Donley said she did not see the punch that knocked Stow out after he was beaten following a game between the Giants and the Dodgers in Los Angeles.

Sanchez, 30, and his friend Marvin Norwood, 31, have been charged with mayhem, assault and battery for the beating of Stow, who is still recovering from his brain injuries.

Thursday Donley also said she saw Norwood with Sanchez during the night.

The defense attorneys attacked Donley's ability to positively identify their clients. They pointed out that Donley had been unable to pick Norwood out of a police lineup and while she did choose Sanchez out of one, she also identified another man as closely resembling Stow's attacker.

Preliminary hearings are expected to end Thursday or Friday.

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