World Series Damage Report

The damage reports are in from last night's spontaneous street celebration following the San Francisco Giants' World Series victory.

According to San Francisco Police Department Spokeswoman Lt. Lyn Tomioka, one patrol car was damaged, at least three private vehicles had their windows smashed, a window of a Giants' dugout store was broken, and one couch was destroyed after being lit on fire and tossed out a window. 

Not bad for a world championship celebration.  There was also reports of graffiti on store windows in the Mission district.

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SFPD said there were six arrests, adding a big thank you to the mutual aid support officers received from Berkeley, Oakland  and San Mateo to keep the crowds under control.

As soon as the last out was called, Giants fans across the City of San Francisco no longer even tried to contain themselves.  The torture was over. Their team had won the World Series.

Within minutes of the win the gates outside AT&T Park filled as if a stadium full of people was filing out. In the early hours of the unplanned victory party, the mob of people in and around the ballpark remained loud, but calm.   Die hards turned it into an all-nighter and stayed up until the team arrived back home at 4 a.m. 

Horns honked, people yelled and cable car bells rang.  Safeway grocery stores instantly had a run on toilet paper and Champagne.

There was an occasional bonfire in streets through out the City, but nothing important burned, unless that is you were the owner of that couch.

Tuesday was used to clean up and sober up.  The city wide parade is Wednesday at 11 a.m. It will air both on air and online here at NBC Bay Area. One of our reporters checked in with the parade host Mayor Gavin Newsom.  He said his biggest problem right now is finding enough orange confetti in time for the big celebration just hours away. 

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