YouTube, HuffPo and 49ers Get Fooled


If your iPhone forgot to warn you, don't feel bad. A lot of people forgot today is April Fool's Day.

YouTube, Google and the Huffington Post did their part to remind the world that Friday was all about pulling the wool over our eyes.

Google rolled out a new Gmail feature so crazy that it was almost believable because it was Google saying they were doing it.

YouTube took us back to a time when viral and video never went together. The Google-entity dialed up 1911 and rolled out what viral videos would have looked like had viral videos existed back then.

49ers fans got their annual jolt of foolishness when popular fan site,, reported that All-Pro linebacker Patrick Willis was set to join the UFC, in a deal brokered by MC Hammer.

We're sure Jed York had a heart attack somewhere when he saw that. But we could be fooling.

Perhaps the most amusing online prank of the day had a dab of social commentary as well.

The Huffington Post introduced a fake New York Times-style pay wall, but only to employees of the newspaper.

We guess when you have AOL money and you don't pay your writers, you don't need a pay wall.

For the record, the New York Times pay wall goes live on Monday and there is no foolin' there unfortunately.

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