YouTube: Now With More Vuvuzela

African tradition goes truly viral

Mark Hillary

The first World Cup held on the continent of Africa has educated the world about a local cultural tradition: Blowing a simple horn called the "vuvuzela" at football matches, and for any reason at all.

For those who can't make it to South Africa for the matches -- or aren't prepared to wake up at seven in the morning to watch live -- thanks to YouTube you can now watch the highlights and toot your horn on demand.

Yes, on Thursday the online video site added a "vuvuzela button" that does pretty much what you expect -- turns on a loop of horns buzzing in B-flat.

For instance, feel the scene at San Francisco bar the Phoenix when Landon Donovan scored his goal against Algeria on Wednesday wasn't celebratory enough? Just add more vuvuzela.

YouTube's not the only local tech company promoting the horn. Apple has approved for sale on its App Store the Vuvuzela 2010 iPhone application, so you don't have to carry a plastic horn with you.

And of course, there's TheVuvuzelaHorn on Twitter.

And British website will allow you to add more vuvuzela to pretty much anything online -- hide the resulting link with a URL shortener like to prank your friends.

Of course, for those of you who can't stand the din, yes, you can also find programs to turn down the noise like the Devuvuzelator.

Photo by Mark Hillary.

Jackson West finds the vuvuzela fun and charming, personally.

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