Zito Shuts Down Twitter Account

San Francisco Giants fans will be disappointed if they had grown accustomed to reading Barry Zito's tweets on ridiculously expensive restaurants, ridiculously expensive grooming and hair products, and occasionally even baseball pitching. Andrew Baggarly reports at the bottom of this post on his Mercury News blog that, "Yes, Barry Zito has shut down his Twitter account."

It's true. Go ahead and check out Zito's twitter page. All you'll get anymore is the old "That page doesn't exist" message, with none of his prior tweets still available. Too bad for Zito the most embarassing ones have all been screen-capped and preserved by wisecracking bloggers. 

And if you're actually that huge a fan of Barry Zito's tweets, the entire Zito-on-Twitter saga has been archived -- tweet-by-pointless-tweet -- on the Barry Zito page at athletesTweeting.com.

To Zito's credit, it does not appear his Twitter account shutdown is the result of any actual scandal or bad-judgement tweet. He did not inadvertently admit to partying less than ten hours before a game in which he blew a save, as Giants closer Brian Wilson did last April.

According to Andrew Baggarly's reporting, Zito had simply decided "it just wasn’t fun anymore."

The closest thing Zito had to a legitimate Twitter scandal was thew time he Twitter-photoed his dessert items at a five-star restaurant arranged in sexually provocative positions.

I suppose it is encouraging that Barry Zito is giving up on the Twitter stuff. It would be way more encouraging if Barry Zito gave up the nine runs in less than five innings stuff.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who, for obvious reasons, did not really need Barry Zito's advice on how to spend $18 million a year.

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