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13 Indispensible Chrome Browser Extensions



    Better Sleep = Better Grades

    We've been avoiding the switch to Google's Chrome browser, despite its reputation as the fastest-launching and surfing browser on the planet. Why the delay? Chrome couldn't use extensions, those profoundly useful add-ons that extend the power of the humble web browser. That all changed with the release of version 4.0 of Chrome on Jan. 25.

    The onslaught began with 300 extensions when the beta testing was opened to the public last December, and since then, their number has exploded — now there are more than 2200 extensions you can install into Chrome. That's why we've jumped into Chrome over the past couple of weeks, bringing along our favorite extensions from Firefox. Along the way, we found some that are truly brand new.

    We invite you to install Chrome 4.0 (or the beta 5.0 on Mac or Linux), and use the included links to install our recommended extensions for yourself. Here are our 13 favorites: