2.5 Million Muslims Threaten to Leave Facebook

Facebook has a new PR issue on its hands.

Apparently, its made as many as 2.5 million customers mad enough to threaten a boycott.

The group claims to represent Muslims who are mad about the removal of four Facebook pages.

These are the pages no longer available on the site:

  • Facebook.com/Rassoul.Allaah
  • Facebook.com/Logo.Ramadan
  • LikesFacebook.com/I.Love.Mohammed
  • Facebook.com/Quran.Lovers

The deadline is a week from today.  The group claims it has hundreds of thousands of users who are ready to jump ship to another site called madina.com, which is a Islamic social networking site.

For now, the group is trying to get its message out by posting the same comment over and over on Facebook blogs.

Facebook Admins, Moderators, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Sheryl Sandberg, and Matt Cohler; Although you have attended the world's best communication skills courses you have been most successful in growing great hatred and hostility between you and Muslims around the world, but seriously this time you have caused an almost unrepairable damage.

They go on to list their demands:

  1. Reactivating the four pages that have been disabled
  2. Adding a Facebook Term that illegalizes disrespecting all Islamic religious symbols, including Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the Qur'an, as well as Prophet Moses (PBUH), Prophet Jesus (PBUH), and the original Bible
  3. Disabling any Facebook Page, Group, or Event that shows direct or indirect disrespect towards Islamic religious symbols

We have a message into the Facebook press folks to see if they have a comment on the movement.    We also have no idea why the four sites were taken down in the first place.  Hopefully Facebook will answer our inquiry soon.

Check back for updates.

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