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50 Things the Internet Killed



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    Thanks to the Internet, you can find better uses for that relic known as the phone book.

    Do you wear a watch, carry a map or use an old-fashioned roll of film anymore? Probably not, since the great Grim Reaper known as the Internet came into our lives.

    Admit it, we can't do without the Web.

    No longer do we buy albums, tune into our favorite shows during regular programming or spend time organizing pictures after picking them up from an actual photo shop, where the quickest you could see them was "about an hour."

    Bye-bye double prints for the price of one and hello Picassa, Flickr and Snapfish.

    And remember that heavy book you counted on that would land on your front doorstep? They called it a phone book. There was even one just for businesses and it had its own special color: yellow. Yup, another item killed by the Internet. They're printing and delivering them but do you really think about picking up that bulky book when you're trying to find someone's number?

    We don't have to fumble with a map anymore, trying to get it folded back up just right -- thank you Internet, for killing that exercise in origami.

    These are just a few of the things falling victim to the find anything online modern age of the Internet. Take a look at the the Telegraph's list of the 50 things the Internet has killed.

    But is all this a bad thing? We think not. Until it starts to suck up so much of your time that you become an addict. But alas, you can find your cure -- online.

    Photo by Eric Robinson