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70-Inch TV Does 3D, Minus the Glasses



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    Not all 3D TVs require glasses.

    Those 3D TVs would be so much better without the annoying glasses, and Newsight's huge 70-inch glasses-free display could be the biggest one yet. It's using parallax barrier technology, consisting of an extra screen with precisely placed slits placed in front of the LCD, letting each of your eyes see a slightly different image.

    It's not clear if Newsight's technology can only be viewed from one exact position in front of the screen or not, but we're hoping it incorporates technology like Sunny Ocean's, allowing viewers to see a stereoscopic image from 64 spots situated around the TV.

    Glasses-free 3D would be undoubtedly be welcome, but while you're at it, guys, give it to us in higher-resolution 4K.

    Via DigiTimes