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Amateur Rally Racer Places with $500 Craigslist Car

Chicago racing enthusiast rides "rustbucket" into third place



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    With a little pluck and a lot of wrenchwork, you might just be able to find a rally racing machine on Craigslist.

    Just to prove that there is little you can't find on Craigslist, Chicagoland racing enthusiast Bill Caswell entered a BMW he bought throughout the online classified service for $500 against the professionals in a World Rally Championship race in Mexico.

    And, amazingly, he placed third in his class. Had he been competing in the World Rally Championship class, he would have finished 23rd.

    With no team support save for a navigator, Caswell made all his own repairs.

    Though this probably shouldn't be tried at home, kids -- Caswell nearly drove his car straight off a bridge.

    He did, however, win the respect of the fans.

    "They said that I must be part Mexican because of the way I fix my car," Caswell wrote in an email to a friend. "That's a compliment, right?"

    In the world of racing aging beamers purchased off Craigslist against F1 veterans in $400,000 cars, yes, yes it is.

    Jackson West will be sticking with his bicycle.