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Android to Apple: Flash Works Great



    Android to Apple: Flash Works Great
    Flash works just fine on the Android.

    Love it or hate it, the web is dominated by Flash content right now.

    Apple is putting all of its eggs in HTML5's basket, and maybe that will pay off in spades in the future, but right now it isn't doing the company many favors. That, coupled with the fact that Android has outsold the iPhone this year in the U.S. means that Flash probably isn't losing the kind of ground Apple hoped it would as Android secures itself as a dominant platform.

    Google has an update coming for its devices in Android 2.2 that should be unveiled around May 19th, and Ryan Stewart, an "evangelist for Adobe," took it for a spin to show off some Flash goodies. Without apps, he browses around everything from CBS television shows to games to business sites, and it all looks pretty slick. CBS offers the same functionality on the iPad via a free app, though, really, for a device geared to browse the web, there's a lot of the web you just can't see.

    Obviously Stewart's not going to highlight the downsides of Flash — whatever they may be after the update (and we're not saying there are any known negatives, we're just sayin') — so take the above video for what it is: a showcase of Flash's finer points.

    Update: In the interest of giving all the companies involved a fair shake, here's the other side of the coin.

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