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Apple CEO Keeps List of Employees With Prototypes

Engineer who lost iPhone prototype offered free German beer tour



    Apple CEO Keeps List of Employees With Prototypes
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    Watch out, Apple Employees, Steve Jobs is watching to make sure he knows where those prototype iPhones are.

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs keeps a list of employees who are allowed to carry prototype devices off the company's campus, according to an anonymous former employee cited by Bloomberg.

    The employees also have to sign a special, extra confidentiality agreement on top of the standard one, says the former Apple staffer.

    The news comes on the heels of the loss of an iPhone prototype by an Apple engineer at a Redwood City, Calif. bar after his birthday party. Powell's father reports that his son was "devastated" after losing the device.

    The loss was fodder for the late night talk shows, with Letterman zinging the younger Powell during the Late Show's hoary top ten list bit.

    The bar in question was Gourmet Haus Staudt, which specializes in German beers, prompting airline Lufthansa to cash in on the media hype by inviting Powell on a free, business class trip to Munich to check out the airline's Bavarian beer garden business lounge there.

    So being the butt of some jokes does have its privileges.

    Jackson West figures Powell might be glad that he's being named, since usually nobody but Jobs, or maybe designer John Ive, ever gets credit for creating Apple products.