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Apple CEO Tim Cook Marks 2nd Anniversary of Steve Jobs's Death



    Apple CEO Tim Cook Marks 2nd Anniversary of Steve Jobs's Death
    It's been two years since Steve Jobs died at the age of 56.

    Steve Jobs died two years ago this past Saturday -- and current Apple CEO Tim Cook marked the occasion with Apple's current workforce.

    "Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of Steve's death," Cook wrote in a company-wide letter on Friday, according to 9to5Mac. "I hope everyone will reflect on what he meant to all of us and to the world. Steve was an amazing human being and left the world a better place. I think of him often and find enormous strength in memories of his friendship, vision and leadership."

    "He left behind a company that only he could have built and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. We will continue to honor his memory by dedicating ourselves to the work he loved so much. There is no higher tribute to his memory. I know that he would be proud of all of you."

    Cook's choice to mark the passage of time differs from the views held by some tech pundits, who are fond of comparing Cook to his old boss -- and unfavorably, according to PC Magazine.

    Cook is saddled with perhaps an impossible legacy: improving upon or at least keeping Apple as important and innovative as it was during Jobs's life.

    That means more successes along the lines of the iPhone, a device so successful that it may even surprised the likes of Jobs, according to the magazine.

    "The iPhone was a success, and it was such a success that people just assume Apple can whip up new creations at the drop of a hat," Business Insider observed. "This story shows that making a new product category from scratch isn't something that happens easily, quickly, or without considerable risk to the whole company."

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