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Apple Designs Its Way Around Antennagate



    Apple Designs Its Way Around Antennagate
    Matt DeSabato of Philadelphia, looks at his new Apple iPhone 4 outside the Apple Store in the Cherry Hill Mall Thursday, June 24, 2010, in Cherry Hill, N.J. Apple Inc.'s newest iPhone was in hot demand Thursday as hundreds lined up outside stores in Tokyo, Berlin, New York and elsewhere to become among the first to own the device. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

    Steve Jobs had no problem scolding iPhone users earlier this year on how to hold their phones but it turns out it may have been the antenna all along.

    The Cupertino-based company reportedly patented a new antenna design that will hide the antenna behind the glowing Apple logo on several of its products, including the iPhone.

    The design would incorporate mobile and GPS antennas. The problem with the iPhone 4 was reportedly centered around the placement of the antenna around the frame of the phone.

    When users would hold their phone to make a call, the antenna would be squeezed, forcing signal reception to drop.

    Jobs refused to admit the problem was a design flaw but decided to offer iPhone 4 users free bumper cases to shield the antennas anyway after growing anger.

    The patent was filed in June 2009, which means Apple was already working on an alternative to its current design when antennagate occurred. With reports of a new iPhone on the way and set to land on Verizon, the antenna problem could be fixed already.