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Apple Earnings: What Investors Want

Investors will look ahead



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    Apple earnings

    Apple (AAPL) earnings will, as always, be scoured by investors, who will move the stock price as soon as the numbers come out.

    But many others will be listening closely for hints about the future. It's been awhile since Apple has released anything new, and the company (and CEO Tim Cook) has to try and deliver quarterly numbers without any new products on store shelves.

    Cook and company prefer to save the big launches for the big stage, so don't expect too much in the way of future hints today. Cook, on occasion, will tip his hat a bit when it comes to what the company has in store, but other than comments about iOS updates, it's not likely that we'll know anything new about future Apple products.

    That said, Apple has been on something of a buying spree lately, and Cook may gaze into his crystal ball a bit to give reporters something to chew on. After all, earnings are earnings each quarter, but the Holidays are just around the corner.

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