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Apple Fan Builds DIY iPhone 5



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    Sexy doesn't even begin to describe this homemade iPhone 5.

    We're on the last stretch before Apple officially announces the iPhone 4S/5 or whatever it'll be called. One Apple fan, Ben Miller couldn't wait any longer so he rounded up all the renders and case leaks that have trickled out and built his very prototype out of glass and aluminum. Sexy doesn't even begin to describe it.

    If you thought MacRumors' reverse-designing the iPhone out with renders was crazy, this actual model unit will knock your socks off. It's machined out of aluminum just like the iPad. Lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4. There's a larger 4-inch screen and wide home button too and the tapered "teardrop" design too.

    No, the unit doesn't work, but it sure does look beautiful, even if it is a dummy — albeit a non-official one. If the next iPhone does radically shift its design from the iPhone 4, then this is the best look reverse-design we've seen so far.

    Check out all the photos in the gallery below., via BGR

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