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Apple Searching for a Few Good Geniuses



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    Robert Granoff, left, from New York, gets a tutorial about his Apple iPhone 4 from Anthony Farina at the Genius Bar in Apple's New York flagship store, Thursday, June 24, 2010. Apple Inc.'s newest iPhone was selling briskly Thursday as thousands lined up outside stores around the world to become among the first to own the device amid concerns of supply shortages.(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

    Wanted: Three geniuses to improve iPhone antennas.
    According to job postings spotted by a reader of technology blog Slashdot, Apple Inc. is hiring engineers to refine iPhone and iPad antennas.

          This wouldn't be notable except that the redesigned iPhone has something of an antenna problem. Holding the phone a certain way can cause the signal to fade or cut out.
    Apple isn't saying whether these are new openings or spots that were recently vacated. But the company is looking for experts with at least five years of antenna design experience, Apple prefers someone with a PhD and the person "must have strong problem solving skills and strong working knowledge of radiation performance. Antenna and wave propagation theoretical background is essential."
    A master problem solver could be helpful considering a lawyer is working on a class action lawsuit against Apple because of the new iPhone's antenna problems.

    Apple's public answer to the problem felt flip -- buy a protective case, or, in a widely reposted e-mail attributed to CEO Steve Jobs, "Just avoid holding it in that way" -- the hunt for experts indicates a real fix could be underway.
    If this sounds like you, apply for the job on Apple's website.