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Apple Wants Your Apps for the Mac

Get those submissions in for the big screen



    Apple Wants Your Apps for the Mac
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    Apples Mac App Store is open for developers.

    It started for the small screen, moved up to the iPad, and is now heading to the big show.  Apple's Apps are coming to the Mac.

    When CEO Steve Jobs announced that apps were coming to the Mac's new OS, called "Lion," you could hear the developers roar.  The app store, to many of us, is the defining difference between the Apple iPhone and other smart phones. 

    The iPhone app store is simply the easiest interface out there, and customers like that.  Venture capitalists like that too.  Remember the initial Kleiner Perkins "iFund?"  it is already paying big dividends on the initial investment.

    Although the Mac App store is still several weeks away, Apple just pulled the trigger on submissions, telling developers that they can start sending in their ideas. 

    Apple iPhone Apps

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    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008)

    The Mac App store will look a lot like the App store for phones and iPads -- really, would you mess with that? -- and developers stand to get a nice boost from making their lighters, noisemakers and angry birds ready for the Mac. 

    Remember, despite some skepticism, app users were willing to jump in with both hands to get an iPad version of something they already had on their phones.

    It's the next step in the app evolution.  Developers, start your coding.

    Scott's been testing the new MacBook Air, but will have to give it back before the App store opens.  He's on Twitter@scottbudman.