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Apple to Announce Something on June 7



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    Could these iPhones be obsolete soon?

    Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) starts Monday, June 7, and Steve Jobs will kick things off with a keynote speech at 10AM Pacific Time (1PM Eastern). What will he announce? Apple's tight-lipped as usual, but it's easy to guess what the star of the show will be.

    After the main surprise of that angular new iPhone was ruined by our old pals at Gizmodo, could there be more unexpected thrills in store?

    One of the unknowns is the name of the next iPhone. Many are betting on iPhone 4G, but we're leaning toward iPhone HD, since there are already so many new higher-rez apps with that HD suffix.

    Readers, what else will Apple announce on June 7th? Or is everyone just fed up with all the free press Apple gets with its ginned-up "mysteries?"

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