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Apple's Reverse Hacking Didn't Kill the Hackintosh

Latest OSX update zaps the Apple right off of netbooks



    All is not lost for Hackintosh owners.

    The conspiracy theorists are crying foul over Apple's alleged hacking of the few who have managed to turn their netbooks into a "Hackintosh."

    Apple's latest update for its Snow Leopard operating system killed the Intel Atom processors of clever hackers who rigged their netbooks with OSX.

    Some surprised netbook lovers accused Apple of trying eliminate competition for its higher priced laptops or even setting the stage for its long anticipated netbook.

    Apple's alleged thinking: if you can't hack a $200 netbook to run OSX, you would shell a few hundred bucks more to buy an Apple tablet or even more than a $1,000 to own a MacBook.

    But unfortunately for the Apple conspiracy theorist out there there is little evidence that the netbook zapping was not simply an unanticipated side effect of the regularly released OSX updates.

    And all is not lost for netbook users stuck in reloop purgatory. Clever geeks on the MyDellMini forum have already figured out a way around the issue that allows you to run the latest OSX with only the updates you need.