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Are Smartphones Like the Dell Streak Too Big?



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    We've come a long way from the bulky satellite phones of the '80s that used to come with a lunchbox-sized attachment. Still, with whoppers like the Dell Streak on the horizon, and with the HTC Evo having its own kickstand and all, it feels like we're regressing.

    It's been a long while since a phone's tiny size was a selling point, such as it was with Motorola's Razr. While thin, today's hottest phones such as the Droid X and the iPhone 4 can still take up a lot of pocket real estate — though the latter not so much unless you get a case for it.

    It's almost hard to imagine, then, that Dell still wants to call the Streak a 3G phone even with its massive 5-inch screen. In a recent episode of Tekzilla (video below), co-host Veronica Belmont tried to fit the Streak in jeans that are "a little tight," and found quite a bit of it poking out. Others who have gotten some hands-on time with the Streak have found the same.

    So, are we heading back toward larger handhelds? With all you can do on a smartphone, it seems the devices want to convince you that you don't need a tablet or a laptop. Hopefully smartphones don't get so big though that we find ourselves actually needing a spare phone that, y'know, actually makes calls comfortably.