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Are You an iPhone Addict?



    Are You an iPhone Addict?
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    OREM, UT - NOVEMBER 5: A manager holds an Apple iPhone (L) and Motorola's new Droid smart phone (R) sold through Verizon at the Verizon store November 5, 2009 in Orem, Utah. The Google powered Droid is being released by Verizon November 6, 2009. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

    A study last month confirms what many already tech lovers already know: the iPhone is habit-forming.

    The survey of about 200 Stanford University undergrads found that about a third of them were so hooked, they had heard complaints that they were using them too much.

    Even though the word "addict" is tossed around when referring to people virtually connected to their smartphones, experts are still undecided about whether it's truly an addiction. Stanford anthropology Professor Tanya Luhrmann, who oversaw the iPhone study told TechNewsDaily that she douts it's an unhealthy habit. "I think they really like their iPhones." Luhrmann said.

    Here are a few questions from the survey. Based on this sample, are you hooked on your iPhone? Actually, in this day of the ubiquitious smartphone, this survey could fit for just about any other device that might be the apple of your eye -- as in "hands off my  Crackberry!"

    • Have you ever fallen asleep with your iPhone in bed?
    • Do you sleep with your iPhone in the bed?
    • Are you worried that you'll become addicted to your iPhone?
    • Have you ever patted your iPhone?
    • Do you have a name for your iPhone?
    • Have you ever formulated the thought" My iPod is jealous of my iPhone"?
    • Does it seem like it's part of you, an extension of your brain or being?
    • Has your roommate or partner ever expressed abandonment as a result of your iPhone use (called themselves an "iPhone widow")?
    • When you got the iPhone, did it make you feel cool?
    • Check the one that describes how you feel about your iPhone: Covet, Obsessed, Cool, Appendage, Standoffish, Extension of my brain, Fetish, Electronic leash, Drug