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No Duh? Bay Area Among Smartest Places to Live



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    Long-known as a pretty brainy place, Portfolio magazine gives San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland props for actually proving it.

    With Silicon Valley and a passel of outstanding schools, the Bay Area earns a little more, thinks a little more and works a little more than most of the country.

    Their top 10:

    1) Boulder, Co.; 2) Ann Arbor, Mich.; 3) Washington, D.C.; 4) Durham, N.C.; 5) Fort Collins, Colo.; 6) Bridgeport-Stamford, Conn.; 7) San Jose, Ca.; 8) Boston, Mass.; 9) Madison, Wisc.; 10) San Francisco-Oakland, Ca.

    (For a full list of areas, click here. To see the criteria used, that's here.)

    The criteria used were placed against all workers, 25 years of age and older. They range from educational level attained, median income, etc.

    Some other California cites on the list include Santa Cruz (no. 20), San Diego (no. 33), Santa Rosa (no. 39) and San Luis Obispo (no. 53.)