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Bitcoin Founder Unmasked. Or Is He?

Frenetic and frantic media coverage centers on reclusive 64-year old.



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    Has the man behind the money been found?

    Today -- mark it on your calendars -- is Satoshi Nakamoto day.

    That's the name of the man Newsweek outed as the founder of digital crypto-currency Bitcoin -- and the man currently, as of this writing, leading the news media on a frantic chase around Los Angeles.

    That is, when he's not outright denying any connection to Bitcoin.

    The name appears to be an alias, but other media have reported that it does indeed belong to a 64-year old Southern California man who loves model trains and lives in a home with his mother, the New York Times reported.

    What evidence there is linking Bitcoin's birth to the man named Satoshi -- which for years has been considered to be perhaps an alias or a nom de code for a group of programmers -- is a 2008 document that describes the idea for Bitcoin at length, using Satoshi's name and email address as the author's contact information, Newsweek reported.

    But in the ensuing years, whoever or whatever Satoshi is has gone to great lengths to maintain total anonymity.

    As of today, he has both denied being involved with Bitcoin and also said that he is no longer involved and cannot talk about it.

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