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Briefcase Barbecue: Good for On-the-Go

Only $52 for this little convenience.



    12 Ways to Effortlessly Surprise Your Friends and Co-Workers

    Now that the dog days of summer are arriving, most of us don't want to think too hard about work. This business-like briefcase lets you fool the boss into thinking that you've got your mind on your work, when in reality you're just getting ready for some grilling action.

    The $52 Darwin Triangular BBQ isn't exactly going to replace your fancy home griller, but it should be good for some on-the-go summer cooking.

    Just make sure that you clean it out properly before bringing it back to the office, otherwise the boss might wonder why your work smells like the local pit barbecue.

    The Darwin is available now for $52.

    The Fancy (registration required), via Gizmodo