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Caltrain Rider Alert Leaves Little to the Imagination

Tragedy turns into awkward tweet by Caltrain riders



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    @Caltrain's interesting tweet.

    Caltrain riders are a passionate group.

    For evidence look no further than the commuter run twitterfeed @caltrain that gives riders real time tweets of Caltrain service delays. The group is so good at detailing every little delay that if you're not careful you may confuse the feed as one officially run by Caltrain.

    But any doubts about who was running the feed were alleviated Friday morning when a express train struck a man in San Bruno.

    Shortly after the unfortunate incident that claimed a man's life, @caltrain tweeted an alert to its 3,513 followers.

    "Please clean human remains before allowing trains to pass accident site."

    A simple alert that the system was experiencing an hour delay probably would have sufficied.