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Cell Phones Will be the Death of Us



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    Damn you smartphones. For all your intelligence you have a propensity to get sick.

    And when you're under the weather, how am I suppose to remember all those number in my digital Rolodex?

    To make matters worse, there are so many cursed iPhones and Androids and watchamacallits running around that Santa Clara County needs a new area code.

    In the heart of the Silicon Valley with all this technology and someone like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Ellison or hell even Eric Schmidt -- he has free time these days doesn't he? -- can't come up with a way to avoid having to create a new area code?

    Regardless the South Bay is running out of phone numbers so the need to create a new area code is necessary.

    By the end of the year, the digits 669 will join 408 as the second area code in the county. The switch means customers will have to dial 10 digits to make local calls.

    Apparently 666 wasn't available.