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Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The GoPro Ski Jump

Local cameras get amazing action



    Crazy, Sexy, Cool:  The GoPro Ski Jump
    Heavenly Ski Resort
    Extreme skiing can now be caught on video.

    It's video you've just gotta see.  An amazing series of jumps off a snow-covered mountain that pushes the envelope of what we call extreme skiing.  Two men, Matthias Giraud and Stefan Lude, taking off from a ski slope, and pretty much defying gravity for several minutes.

    Here's the video, that quickly went viral:

    The fact that we can see it and gasp is courtesy of technology from a company called GoPro. 

    Based in Half Moon Bay, GoPro makes small, high-quality and extremely durable cameras made to sit on your surfboard or motorcycle helmet.  In this case, Laude had cameras connected to his helmet.  The result?  Awesome images of the daredevil skiers.

    GoPro, which rose to international fame when its cameras brought us images of the Chilean miner rescue, is now built into the sports world.  You've probably seen their cool commercials, not to mention footage during sports events.  We're salivating at the images these guys could give us during the Olympics. 

    Check out the video, and the bet here is that you'll immediately head to your search engine to find more. 

    GoPro also makes a 3-D camera.  Scott can be found on Twitter:  @scottbudman