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Dell, Honey, You shrunk the iPad!



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    Dell is getting ready to release its own line of tablet computers.

    Leaks from an internal Dell announcement reveal the company is getting ready to unleash its Streak line of tablets (probably not the best name — smudge much?) in two different flavors.

    There will be the larger 10-inch Streak that'll go toe-to-toe with the iPad, and then a smaller, 7-inch version for folks who like their tablets a little more portable.

    Other than that, all that's known is that the smaller Streak could land as early as later this year, with its larger cousin dropping at the beginning of 2011.

    That's it for details so far. So, do you already have an iPad, or have you been waiting for one of the many, many other tablets set to come out? Or are tablets just not your bag?

    Via Engadget