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Disney Pulls Out of the Bay Area



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    Disney's A Christmas Carol tells the classic tale of Scrooge, played by Jim Carrey, for the age of digital animation.

    Disney is shutting down a facility in the San Francisco Bay Area that was used to capture Jim Carrey's acting in "A Christmas Carol." It's a move to further cut costs at Disney's movie studio.

    The Walt Disney Co. said Friday the closure of the facility will be completed by January and result in the loss of 450 jobs.

    The facility was built by ImageMovers Digital, a company co-founded by "A Christmas Carol" director Robert Zemeckis and partially owned by Disney.

    Before it closes, the complex will continue to be used by Zemeckis and his team to complete production of "Mars Needs Moms!," a 3-D movie set for release in March 2011.