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Don't Forget the App



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    Fashion Forward? There's an app for that.

    "It starts with ... sounds like ... reminds me of ..."

    Sound like a familiar situation? It was for a Bay Area man who decided he had forgotten one too many names so he developed a way to remember them -- in the form of an iPhone app.

    Greg Bauer and his business partner, Nathan Carnahan, developed the Forget Me Not app as a way to help people remember those little things that become such a big deal when they fade from memory.

    The $3.99 app has a place for a photo along with clues about how you know the person, associations and special notes to help trigger memory.

    From the app's description:
     "Forget Me Not's goal is to help on both fronts. It can save you the embarrassment of forgetting a person's name you just met (short term) and help you train your memory so that you won't forget them in the future (long term)."

    The iPhone already has a pretty good Contacts utility built in, with a place for a photo and fields that can be customized with everything from job title to birthday. There's even a way to organize contacts into groups.

    But, Bauer told us, his app is, "purely based on memory enhancement and isn't designed to replace your iPhone Contacts list. It's  more about clue association rather than a contacts tool."

    So far, the app has gotten fairly good reviews. It's early -- only 23 ratings -- but the majority of them are favorable. Among the "I use this app all the time" and "I wish I had this one sooner" reviews are the "Save your money" and "needs work" type of write ups.

    With so many other uses for your smartphone, good luck remembering to tap on the icon and remember what it was you forgot.