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Esquire's "Augmented Reality" Could Save Magazines

Esquire's new feature will get a beautiful woman to tell you a dirty joke or bring Robert Downey Jr. into your home



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    A screen shot of what Esquire's new feature can do.

    We've seen e-ink covers on Esquire before, as well as tiny video screens betwixt the pages of Entertainment Weekly, but Esquire is back in the limelight with its "Augmented Reality" issue, which bridges the gap between your computer and the printed page.

    First, you'll need to download some software from Esquire's website. Then, you hold the magazine up to your webcam and it will activate hidden content within the issue, such as making Robert Downey Jr. jump out at you or Gillian Jacobs tell you a dirty joke.

    The content is interactive, too — orienting the page in different ways can produce different effects.

    It's all pretty slick, but is it the boon the magazine industry so dearly wants? Check it out in the video below and decide for yourself.