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Even Darth Vader Hates AT&T, iPhone 4

Internet delights in iPhone 4 parodies



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    Bob Hansen reports

    When he's not robbing banks, Darth Vader has been on the phone with Apple customer support complaining about reception on the new iPhone 4 -- even threatening to blast AT&T out of the universe with the Death Star.

    Vader will be happy to learn that at least Apple has started issuing refunds for the bumper case that reportedly does much to fix the issues with the iPhone's antenna.

    Since the original iPhone was released, AT&T has been playing catch-up with user demands for digital bandwidth, with Jobs himself wondering repeatedly whether Apple should switch to Verizon in the United States.

    Apple was apparently less than sympathetic to AT&T's demands that limits on things like video playback, which consumes large amounts of data, according to a report in Wired that cites anonymous sources within the two companies.

    The carrier has spent billions in upgrading its network, but the damage to its reputation may be permanent. So maybe the man behind Vader's mask isn't Annikin Skywalker at all -- instead, could it be Jobs who threatens doom to AT&T?

    Jackson West is not waiting breathlessly for a white iPhone.