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FCC Requests Cellphone Providers Stop Needlessly Screwing Users



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    We've all been there. One month, you chat a little more than usual and wham! You're hit with a massive phone bill. Or worse — you're hit with your kid's out-of-control phone bill. Well, the FCC is taking steps to help prevent phone-bill sticker shock.

    The FCC is requesting that mobile phone carriers contact their subscribers when the consumer's phone usage is approaching or exceeding their plan limits.

    Currently, the European Union requires carriers to send texts to users (with all applicable text charges, we assume) when they're running up fees. Sometimes these charges are intentional, but occasionally, they're mistakes or misunderstandings of contracts that could be avoided. How many times have you been billed for something that you didn't realize would be an extra charge?

    No one likes those kinds of nasty surprises, and it's only good for the carriers too. You don't think they really like to screw over their customers, do you?

    Via Business Week