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Facebook Privacy Rules Revamped Again



    Facebook Privacy Rules Revamped Again
    Social-networking site Facebook is headquartered in Palo Alto.

    Facebook is rolling out new privacy features after calls for changes from both the web audience and government officials.

    Facebook's 400+ million users now choose to be notified when their account is accessed from a computer or mobile device they haven't used before. The site is also adding a layer of authorization when it notices unusual activity on an account, like simultaneous log-ins from opposite sides of the world.

    The changes were announced at an "all-hands on deck" meeting at the Palo Alto-based company Thursday.

    The world's largest social hangout has faced criticism over the way it handles user privacy. Consumer groups recently filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, urging it to investigate Facebook's privacy practices and force the company to take steps to avoid security breaches.

    The company's ever-changing privacy rules have already prompted many people to quit the Facebook habit. Those who haven't already pulled their profiles are being encouraged to join a mass exodus planned for May 31. Mashable points out the revolt effort has yet to attract many pledges. Will you join the movement?