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Facebook, Google Dominate Internet Advertising

Internet giants have giant share of ad market.



    Facebook, Google Dominate Internet Advertising

    Online dollars, your name is Google -- and Facebook.

    The two Silicon Valley giants are also advertising giants -- with 99 percent of digital advertising firms scrounging for the "crumbs" that are left, according to the New York Post.

    Online ads rake in $36.6 billion on an annual basis, according to reports -- and most of that goes to Google and Facebook.

    For example, Google has a 95 percent share of the $19 billion "spent on search," according to the newspaper.

    Every other company has "slow to no" growth in online ads, while the two behemoths are surging, the newspaper reported.

    Google's growth is eye-popping: in 2003, Yahoo posted $1.322 billion in revenue -- and in 2012, ad revenue was $4.1 billion.

    Google had $1.42 billion in ad revenue in 2003 -- and toda, it's up to $43.7 billion, the newspaper reported.

    Facebook has the biggest growth in that span, of course: it's gone from zero to $2.2 billion.