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Fighting Back Against Texting - With New Technology

Shutting down your phone in the car



    The problem of distracted driving has gotten so bad, and so deadly, the California Highway Patrol is calling April "Distracted Driving Month." Now a piece of technology is trying to curb the danger. Scott Budman reports. (Published Friday, March 29, 2013)

    It's one of the cautionary tales of our high-tech times: Texting while driving, claiming 1,400 deaths or injuries every day. Clearly, laws against texting and driving are not the solution.

    Instead, the solution may comes from new technology, fighting technology.  Products like Cellcontrol. Something we first saw at CES, Cellcontrol is a small device that plugs into your car, and disables mobile devices.

    No texting, emailing or surfing while you drive. It's that simple.

    With distracted driving the No. 1 killer of teenagers, this is potentially huge. Where other products like Apple's Siri lets you talk your messages instead of text them, Cellcontrol lets you shut down even the temptation of reaching for the phone while driving.

    Could this be the next cigarette lighter? Gone from cars forever? Stay tuned. If the statistics don't improve soon, this could be technology we see a lot of .. even if it's hidden away.

    Scott won't tweet while driving, but is at @scottbudman