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Finally, X-Ray Specs that Work

Back-of-the-comic-book dreaming has finally come true.



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    Anyone who grew up reading comic books, was probably tempted to splurge a buck of their lawn mowing money on a pair of those X-ray specs advertised in the back. While any hope of seeing under people's clothes was quickly dashed once you tried them on, now there's a solution that actually works.

    This time instead of some cheap glasses, the X-ray vision comes as part of a free app for Android or iOS devices that lets you see under the clothes of the models in the Moosejaw clothing catalog. Sure, they could have simply added some extra pages for the underwear shots, but there's something curiously voyeuristic about "undressing" the models yourself.

    While I'm sure Moosejaw makes fine clothes, this idea seems like a natural for some of the sexier catalogs such as Abercrombie & Fitch or Calvin Klein to jump on.


    Moosejaw X-Ray App from Gary Wohlfeill on Vimeo.