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Finally, a Customizable Gmail Signature



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    Gmail users, rejoice! Now you can place graphics or rich text in your signature. Place a little picture under your name, use crazy typefaces, and do a lot more with the signature area in your Gmail messages. Knock yourself out.

    Finally, a customizable Gmail signature

    If you really like that rich text and graphics capability for your signature, you can add it to each one of your accounts handled by Gmail. There's a drop-down list for each individual account, letting you customize the signature from each of your email addresses.

    Any graphics that you insert into your signature must already reside on the Web — Google offers a field for you to enter a URL of an image, saving you the trouble of uploading one each time you send an email message.

    We're big fans of Gmail, and this is just one more good reason to keep using it.

    Via Gmail Blog