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Flying Robot Turkey Drops Pumpkin Pie Bombs



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    The turkey isn't for eating.

    Short on desserts this Thanksgiving? Fear not! The same guys who brought you the evil flying robot ghost on Halloween have created a not-quite-so-evil flying robot turkey that delivers pumpkin pies from above.

    By grafting coat hangers, zip ties, and a bunch of poster board onto a remote controlled quadrotor helicopter, Utah Aerials has managed to create this spectacularly lifelike and more or less airworthy flying robot turkey. But the fun doesn't stop there.

    The quadrotor is strong enough to lift (most of) a pumpkin pie along with its turkey costume, and a servo motor drops the pie on unsuspecting passers-by while a video camera records the shenanigans. Watch all the action in the video below.

    Utah Aerials, via Hacked Gadgets

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