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Former Sun CEO Sings Like Uncaged Bird

Jonathan Schwartz threatens a tell-all about the technology business



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    Former Sun CEO rightly feels that he has a lot of explaining to do.

    Former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz, one of the best-paid and worst-performing chief executives in Silicon Valley, is now free to dish dirt thanks to Sun's acquisition by Oracle and his departure from the company.

    On his blog, now titled "What I Couldn't Say," he accuses Apple of ripping off presentation software developed by one of his companies to silence that companies bully CEO Steve Jobs, and accuses former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and current Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer of being extortionists.

    Of course, as Daniel Lyons in the role of Fake Steve Jobs points out, why wasn't Schwartz, with his avowed commitment to "transparency," writing all this up on his corporate blog at the time?

    The blog is part of a nascent plan to potentially pen a book, which based on his latest entry, doesn't look like the typical feel-good business wisdom tomes that sell so well at airport bookstores.

    Instead, it looks to have the potential of a celebrity tell-all, except set in the super-secretive milieu of the technology business.

    Certainly the blog entries would read better as a book, because presumably that book would have an editor, and Schwartz needs an editor at least as badly as he needs a haircut.

    Jackson West hopes to someday write a tell-all memoir about something.