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Fox, ABC to Pull Brand New Shows Off of Streaming Sites



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    ABC and FOX will no longer be showing new shows on sites such as Hulu.

    If you've become accustomed to catching shows like Modern Family and Bob's Burgers on sites like Hulu the day after they air, well, I've got some bad news for you. Fox and ABC are set to start enforcing an eight-day period between when a show airs and when it's available for streaming.

    Fox has already yanked its shows, unless you pay for Hulu Plus or are a Dish Network subscriber. ABC is planning to do the same thing in the near future. Will the other networks be far behind? And what does this mean for Hulu?

    Not good things, that's for sure. By yanking their content, the networks are likely to push people back to piracy after having gotten them on board with a legitimate venue for watching their shows. It will also further undercut the value of Hulu, which is currently up for sale. Not good! Hopefully they'll realize the error of their ways and put the shows back before permanent damage is done.

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