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Photo of Gay Couple Kissing Removed from Facebook

#FacebookKissOff protest ensues after photo was flagged and taken down.



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    A photo of two men kissing, not picture, was flagged on Facebook as inappropriate.

    Death threats, homophobia -- and then a temporary ban from Facebook.

    Plenty of problems have arisen since Jesse Jackman, a Boston-based "porn star," posted a picture of himself kissing his husband on Facebook, according to SFist.

    After Jackman posted the photo -- which received thousands of "likes" -- he received some negative comments, including "death threats," he said.

    Facebook took no action on the comments and messages, he says -- but did take action on the photo, which was flagged as inappropriate and removed from the site for violating "community standards." His account was briefly disabled, SFist reported.

    Jackman's mad now. "Facebook did nothing about those disgusting comments, choosing instead to censor love instead of hate," he wrote, SFist reported. "This is a travesty."

    It also doesn't look great for Facebook, which is now subject of its own protest, with its own Twitter hashtag: #FacebookKissOff.