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Globetrotters Friend Facebook's Zuckerberg



    Globetrotters Friend Facebook's Zuckerberg
    Mark Zucerkberg poses with Curly Neal and another Harlem Globetrotter.

    Having a net worth in the billions, being Time's "Person of the Year" and having a Hollywood blockbuster made about your life leads to certain perks.

    For Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg it means he gets to friend people who probably wouldn't be hanging out with him if it wasn't for his fame.

    Need proof? The Harlem Globtrotters, who are currently on a media blitz promoting their games in the Bay Area over the next few days, stopped by Facebook's Palo Alto headquarters to push their weekend games.

    Globetrotter legend, Curly Neal presented Zuckerberg with his own jersey complete with the No. 4 to commemorate the team's innovation in basketball: the introduction of the four point shot.