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Google Acquisition of AdMob Cleared for Takeoff

Google has Apple's iAds to thank for pass from regulators



    Google Acquisition of AdMob Cleared for Takeoff
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    Apple's announcement of its mobile advertising program was a big help to its rival, Google.

    Mountain View-based Google got some good news from the Federal Trade Commission today as the agency has dropped its anti-trust investigation and unanimously approved that the company can move forward with the acquisition of mobile advertising company AdMob.

    And while Google has been openly mocking Apple lately, it might be time to send the latter company a nice gift basket, maybe with some of the tablet computing devices Google is rumored to be developing, or at least some smartphones running Android.

    Why? Because the FTC specifically cited Apple's iAds mobile advertising effort as a sign that the market is competitive.

    Apple, of course, was in acquisition talks with AdMob when Google swooped in with a $750 million offer and snatched up the company, leaving Apple to purchase AdMob competitor Quattro Wireless instead.

    In a post to its corporate blog, Google said that it will be moving to close the deal shortly.

    Jackson West wonders if Apple shouldn't have waited a bit longer to announce iAds.