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Google Acting to Retain Talent -Unless They're Leakers



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    Google CEO Eric Schmidt on with Colbert.

    Reports of a brain drain at Google may be exaggerated, at least slightly. Brains and skill sets do tend to migrate around Silicon Valley. But woe is the person who shares any internal mention of such a drain.

    According to TechCrunch'sSarah Lacy, Google cans about two people a month, on average, for sharing company secrets.

    For instance, remember that time when Google gave everyone 10 percent pay raises in an effort to retain even more of their staff? Sharing that memo got somebody a pink slip.

    And given the way any news about Apple's culture, products or process is treated like Unobtanium, there may well be more than cultural value at stake -- it could be monetary, as well.

    To that, Google is reportedly working on a new model where they let product developers live with more autonomy.

    A recent NY Times article called Google out for being a little domineering when it comes to its recently acquired companies. So, treating them more like startups makes more sense -- given that they're trying to keep their new employees and make some dough.