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Google Age Bias Case Lands in State High Court



    Google Age Bias Case Lands in State High Court
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    Google plans to start selling electronic books as early as June.

    Google is at the center of an age-discrimination case headed to the California Supreme Court.

    Brian Reid, who worked at Google from 2002 to 2004, is suing, claiming he was fired because he was too old. He was 54 at the time.

    The company told Reid that he was not a "cultural fit," allegedly after his younger co-workers called him "sluggish," "slow," and described him as a "fuddy duddy." He alleges the age bias starts at the top, with co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and continued down the chain of management.

    While in his position as director of operations and engineering, Reid reported to a 55-year-old boss. That's proof, Google says, that there was not an age bias at the company. That same 55-year-old boss is the one who later fired Reid, the Mercury News tells us. Google CEO Eric Schmidt signed off on the decision.

    Reid now works for Redwood City-based Internet Systems Consortium.

    The sate Supreme Court will hear arguments starting this week and consider whether the case should go before a jury. The court has 90 days to rule on the case.